May the 4th
3:00pm Guests arrive
3:30pm Ceremony
4:00pm Mingling & lawn games
6:00pm Reception
8:30pm Dancefloor
10:30pm Last drinks
11:00pm Bus Pick Up
May the 5th
11:00am Recovery

Our day

On the day please arrive via the Rosalie House cellar door entrance. Please do not park at the homestead. Follow the signs to the ceremony from the restaurant. The reception is alfresco dining on the lawn.

What to wear

Please wear anything you feel comfortable in. The temperature tends to be a bit cooler out west. Bring a jacket for the evening if you aren't planning on being sweaty on the dancefloor.

Other bits and bobs

The dancefloor is outdoors on crush dust. If you'd like, bring an extra pair of shoes to change into. There will be a box where you can drop them off until you need them. We would hate for you to dust up your nice pair of shoes.


If you feel so inclined, there will be a wishing well.

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